Hartwell – Part 2 – 4/9/2016 and 4/10/2016

Well, this is part 2 of our stay at Lake Hartwell. Again, the weather was the main story. It was cooler on Saturday the 9th, and of course, the wind was howling. Luckily, we were on the upper end of the lake, so the water was not all that rough. The wind could still be felt though. We took the kids out and I went in a small creek with many points right off the main lake. I fished windy point at the mouth of the creek and then moved to the next point down. I immediately hooked up on a decent largemouth that was maybe around 1-1/2 pounds, again on the spinnerbait. I fished a few other points and then went down a steep bank near the back of the creek that had wind on it. Here, I landed a chunky 2-pound spot. I then went across the creek to get everyone out of the wind for a while. While fishing around a point there, I caught another spot around 12-13 inches. I fished a cove around this point all the way to the back and then threw the worm around in the back of it, but there were no takers. We decided to head in as everyone was beat to death by the wind.

HartwellBass1I took the kids back out later and we concentrated on the main lake points with some wind on them. My son had a hit on a fluke but never hooked up. I immediately hooked up on the spinnerbait right after that on another spot about 12-13 inches long. We fished around a few more points but never could get another bite. We decided to go in and call it a day.

On Sunday, unfortunantly, it was around freezing in the morning. The good news is the wind had died down to just a small breeze. We waited until about 11:30 to go out. I decided to try some of the coves in the back of the creek we were in. After fishing a few, we came up on a pocket and I missed a smaller fish on the U-tail with a pegged weight. I was able to catch 3 fish out of the middle of the pocket on the worm. One was a decent largemouth about 2 pounds. We fished around a point to another pocket and I had a bite. I gave the rod to my daughter for her to catch it, but it dropped the worm before she could start reeling. I fished the pocket with no other bites. We went back for lunch and I took my son out after lunch. We fished a few more pockets in the creek with nothing to show for it. I noticed a bass hitting on a point and quickly went over there. We were able to get some hits on the fluke, and I let my son do all the fishing. He had a few fish hit the fluke, and had one on for a few seconds, but never got him in. We messed around on this point and tried a few more points in the area, but no more bites. We then decided to call it a weekend.

HartwellBass2The fishing was okay, but if we had some stable warm weather, it would have been fantastic like it was last year around this time. Water temps were in the 61-63 degree range. I can only imagine the fishing will get much better in the next few weeks. I don’t fish for bedding fish. It’s not that I’m against it, rather I just don’t like to do it, so I don’t know if the fish are bedding yet. My answer would be no based on the water temp and the weather we’ve had. I could be wrong but that is just my feeling. Good luck to anyone out this week. It should really start to turn on. (Sorry for lack of pics, didn’t get a lot from the last 2 days)

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