Hartwell – 4/7/2016 and 4/8/2016

So we decided to come up to Lake Hartwell for a few days while the kids are on spring break. Unfortunately, there has been 1000 colds fronts come through this week and wind blowing 500 mph every day. I know that is an exaggeration but it just seems that way. Therefore, the water temps have held around 62-63 degrees all week. Since I had the kids, it means fast moving baits are in order. My first thoughts were spinnerbait, fluke, and maybe a trick worm. Crank baits are also out, as kids and a bait full of treble hooks don’t go well together.

Lake Hartwell BassWe finally got on the water around 2-3 on Thursday. I put on a shad-colored spinnerbait. I had the kids throwing a fish head spin and fluke. We started out just fishing the creek we were in. The wind was blowing pretty good and I went to a point that had wind blowing on it. Not too long afterwards, I had the first fish of our trip. It was around 12-13 inches and hit the spinnerbait. We fished a few more of the points in the creek with the wind on them, but that was it.

I went out by myself later on in the afternoon to try to figure out what the fish were doing. I fished some more rocky points in the creek we were in and managed to catch another 12-13 inches. I then moved out onto the main lake and started fishing a large cove/small creek with multiple branches. I started on the point at the mouth which had some heavy wind blowing on it. I did have a decent fish follow the fluke back to the boat but never hit it. A little further down the bank, I caught another 12-inch fish on the spinnerbait.

Lake Hartwell BassI fished this area all the way to the back. I did miss a fish on the fluke in a pocket, but that was it until I reached the back. The wind was blowing pretty hard across a shallow area there, and I had a blow up on the fluke but he never hooked up. A few casts later, one finally got the fluke on the second try. It was a little bigger at around 13-14 inches. That is all I had to show for a few hours. I took my daughter out for about an hour in the back of the creek we were in with nothing to show but a small 10 incher and a decent hit but miss on the spinnerbait.

On Friday, I took my son out Friday morning, and yes, the wind was still blowing. We started on an island that had a blow through on it. Immediately, I hooked up on a 12-13 inch spot. Much to my dismay, there was nothing sitting on the blow through. We went with the wind down the back to hit few more of the points and ended up with another spot about the same size. We fished around a point and into a large cove. Near the back on a secondary point, I ended up catching 2 more small spots on the spinnerbait. We went across the lake to another creek, where I hooked up with our fifth fish of the morning. It was a largemouth about 13-14 inches. I had switched my son to a watermelon candy trick worm and he had one miss the trick worm twice.Lake Hartwell Bass

That afternoon, I took the kids back out and we fished main lake points with, yes, wind on them. The point we fished produced another 12-13 inch spot. The second point we hit produced around a 2-pound largemouth on the spinnerbait. We fished around the point and into a cove with a secondary point in it with no results. Moving to another main lake point, produced another decent largemouth about the same size as the last one. On around the point, we ran into another 12-13 inch spot. We moved across the lake in a cove to get out of the wind. The cove had a split in it and we fished all the way to the back of one of the splits. There I caught one about 11-12 inches on a Zoom U-tail using a pegged worm weight about 12 inches from the worm. We then moved to the other side of the cove at the mouth where there was wind. Not too far down the bank, I ended up hooking into a decent largemouth around 2-3 pounds on the spinnerbait. We then finished the day with a 10-incher a little farther down the bank.Lake Hartwell Bass

The fishing is not that bad considering the cooler temperatures and brutal wind. We were beat from the wind and decided to call it a day.



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