Lake Hartwell Report: 7/2/2016-7/4/2016

We went up to Hartwell for a few days over the Fourth of July weekend. I dread being on the lakes on a holiday weekend, but the kids like to swim, and usually boat traffic isn’t too bad in the mornings. I always say it is a bad day when you can see at least […]

Lake Russell – 6/4/2016

I got out on Lake Russell last Saturday for a night tournament. In the past we have done pretty well on Russell at night, but the past few tournaments, we have struggled after dark. Before Dark We still had a few hours before dark so we stop first at a shoal marker that on the […]

Hartwell – Part 2 – 4/9/2016 and 4/10/2016

Well, this is part 2 of our stay at Lake Hartwell. Again, the weather was the main story. It was cooler on Saturday the 9th, and of course, the wind was howling. Luckily, we were on the upper end of the lake, so the water was not all that rough. The wind could still be […]
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Hartwell – 4/7/2016 and 4/8/2016

So we decided to come up to Lake Hartwell for a few days while the kids are on spring break. Unfortunately, there has been 1000 colds fronts come through this week and wind blowing 500 mph every day. I know that is an exaggeration but it just seems that way. Therefore, the water temps have […]

Lake Oconee Report, 4/3/2016

I got out yesterday on Lake Oconee hoping to be able to fling a spinner bait around and come across a few big females. Unfortunately, a cold front blew through on Friday and seems to have shut down any fish that were thinking about spawning. I got on the lake about 9 am. I was […]